Hi, my name is Yasemin.Right now we are in Gili Air, a tiny island in Indonesia. When i started travelling two months ago, i had planned to do yoga during this trip, which unfortunatelly remained only as a plan until one day i met Emel through a common friend. It turned out Emel is a yoga instructor and doing yoga every morning at 8:00 here in the island. Finally two days ago we’ve joined her yoga class and i am glad we did so. I’ve done yoga before with different instructors or at various studios but i am still at beginner level. During Emel’s yoga class we had other people in the group who were more experienced. One guy was a yoga instructor and another one was quite experienced. Me and my friend we were at begginer level … Although all participants were at different experience levels we formed a group and everybody had a chance to enjoy the class. Despite the different levels the class was tailored to all levels and we all could follow the flow. In my previous yoga experiences i had to look up to the instructor to see what i needed to do, but Emel was so clear and descriptive with the cues on how to get in to the poses, i could follow and apply them with ease without having to look at her all the time. Another point is the level of beginners classes. Usually when you go to a beginners class its very easy, too easy sometimes . Emel’s class had a nice balance, on the one hand it was easy to follow, relaxing, tranquil and calming but also challenging enough to give an opportunity to discover our edge and break a sweet sweat… She is a really good instructor, i think that sums it all 🙂 i’m glad i’ve joined.”

Yasemin, Tour Guide & Editor

“Hi, my name is Rustem Paksoy. Today in the morning we’ve practiced yoga with Emel. This is the third time i’ve experienced yoga, each time with a different instructor. I’ve started practicing yoga purely for physical reasons as an exercise. Also i was hoping to find some help for the concentration problems i was experiencing, and it does actually help. 🙂 Although it is only the third time i am doing yoga i can see the positive effects on my concentration already and indeed it’s also a good physical exercise. As i said i’m not a very experienced yogi.Today we had more experienced yogis in the group but i didn’t feel like i don’t belong here. Emel speaks very clearly and gives step by step instructions. It’s easy to follow her instructions and she really makes you understand that you need to respect your limits and go as far as your body allows. If you ever come to Gili Air, you should definitely try these yoga classes with Emel.. Or maybe catch her when she is in Istanbul … Strongly recommended! “

Rustem, Tour Guide & Editor