Guiltfree Yoga for Book lovers

When i am not practicing a ‘normal’ yoga session that takes place on a yoga mat, leaves you sweaty after 90 minutes and feels like you’ve worked out and burned the bhan mi (vietnamese sandwich full of yum) that you had for breakfast , i can’t help feeling guilty. I feel like first i need to ‘work’ then i get the right to feel ok. I need to deserve that next bhan mi. Or maybe even better, first i need to pay my debts for all the days i had the bhan mi but didn’t practice yoga- so i close the gap.

Whereas , in fact, the greatest way of practicing yoga is to be compassionate with yourself, have patience and forgiveness. But l am a human-being with similar fears, shame, judgement as many other people and more than often i find myself thinking to myself ‘what kind of yoga teacher are you? You haven’t even practiced today…you are too lazy… too heavy… too weak… you can’t do this and that pose… you are not flexible… you’re not strong… ‘

Today again i noticed my heart squeezing with these uncomfortable, self-scolding restless feelings. Then I decided to remind myself that ‘it is ok.’

I do what i can, with what i have, where i am. And it happens to be i am in Vietnam, in my hotel room, with a book in my hand, rolling and tossing around in my bed in some yoga asana…. and THIS IS my yoga today. So be it !

Viparita Karani – legs up the wall : helps your heart rest and improves digestion

baddhakonasana -butterfly pose: opens up the hips, releases tension and accumulated emotions

Sphinx pose: strenghtens back and upper arms, brings flexibility into spine and youthfullness in your body

Heart opening inversion : opens up your chest area literally increasing breath and blood flow to your heart and lungs, and also lights up your psyche.

And finally reading a good book: reduces stress and opens up the doors to a brand new world. Books are indeed the yoga for your mind.

I hope everyone reading this finds a way to forgive him/herself and say ‘So be it! This is my yoga’ 🙏❤️🧘‍♀️



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