Bu seneye başlarken kendi kendime tavsiyeler verdim, akıl verdim, gaz verdim… Eşime dostuma arkadaşlarıma verdiğim gibi cesaret verdim, izin verdim. Elim kaleme değince çala kalem yazdım, sabah uyanınca tekrar okudum da ‘Biri bana bunları söylese , böyle akıl verse bayaa hoşuma giderdi’ diye düşündüm. O yüzden paylaşıyorum. Belki birine O başka biri ben olurum. Ben sansürsüz yayınlıyorum. İsteyen istediği akılları kendi durumuna göre değiştirsin. Hepimize iyi seneler olsun!

When starting the new year , i gave myself some advise, some opinion and some encouragement. I gave permission and a pat on the shoulder – just like i do it for my friends and loved ones. I wrote things spontaneously and when i woke up to the new year and re-read these lines, i thought to myself ‘I’d really like it if somebody told me all these and gave me a little bit of confidence boost’. So i decided to share it here, hoping maybe i be that ‘somebody’ to somebody. I share my version but anybody reading this feel free to replace/change priorities according to your reality. I wish us all a good new year!

  • Get lighter!
  • Get rid of everything that’s excess. Do not try to give it away or re-purpose! You can not! They are not re-value-able! For example the plastic honey bottles that you’ve been keeping to store salt/sugar/oil etc. No! Don’t! Throw them away! The best you can do is hope these plastic finds its way to recycling! The rest is not your responsibility. Get rid of everything that’s excess. Plastik bags are included…Pens and paper trash also included…
  • Don’t save your best pens for beautiful paintings. Use your most beautiful pens to the last bit!
  • Cloths! Wear only the cloths that make you feel good! There is no such thing as ‘home-clothes’ , going out cloths.
  • Eat good! Live in good houses! Travel in beautiful places! Have the best experiences! Join good courses. Anyway Is it not payable with money? Pay and take it! Live. Do not postpone to another time when it’s a special occasion.
  • Keep a journal. Write, draw, doodle… it doesn’t matter what it is but let pen and paper meet and kiss.
  • Walk more, swim, ride a bicycle, do yoga, dance , move more…
  • Sit more. Sit and stay still. Be calm
  • Laugh more! Forcefully laugh. Laugh! Laugh! Don’t be shy laugh!
  • Dance! Learn a dance, salsa or something and tgen dance it. And also something that you don’t learn.
  • Paint! Draw! Color! Color small, color big! It doesn’t matter what, but draw! Draw your memories. Capture moments. Have a drawing journal
  • Ayyyyy sing! You sing well anyway, sing more. Even on stage…
  • Learn to play an instrument. There is a guitar and a guitar teacher available, so why not starting here?!
  • Give presents to friends and family. Postcards, paintings, small gifts, messages, surprises. Spend time with them. Care for their special days. Because you know it’s special to them and they are special to you.
  • Work, progress, money, success… do it all without ‘worrying’ just do it! Don’t hesitate! Don’t doubt yourself! Come on what idiots do so many things, what’s there to hesitate… gather your thoughts and you can do everything! Start with the yoga holidays you had in mind. And then start writing that book! WTF! Same thing with the 3-5 days workshops. Come on! Ready! Set! Go! I’m looking forward to it!
  • CALLLLLLL your loved ones. Ask them how they are doing. Remember them and show them you remember them. Tell them you love them.
  • Drink water. Seriously! you’re not drinking at all. I mean it, drink water!
  • Reduce coffee, drink green tea:/ they say it’s good
  • Eat a clove of garlic everyday as a medicine… you can skip some days…
  • Don’t ignore your blog. Update your website and blog regularly.
  • Read more books. No, seriously! READ MORE BOOKS.
  • Write stories, write poems.
  • This list doesn’t have and end (i mean the end is open) Come back once in a while. Add, edit, update, make it fresh like green . Let it remain green!

Ok now let 2018 come in! I am ready! Ah and also…

  • Live healthy.
  • Think healthy. Have life-affirming toughts.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Get lighter. Be as light as a feather.

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