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Cambodia! Here we come…

After a summer break back home i am quite ready to head down south again. This time Cambodia, for the first time ever

I find that traveling in general creates this feeling of “greater possibility” as if “now! finally now! you have time for whatever project you want to work on and it will happen this time”. It gives a clear starting point, a clear frame or deadline… and for some reason it seems more possible than ever.

Picking up an instrument, learning a new language, starting a yoga practice, picking up blogging again, A new skill … anything and everything seems more possible to happen while traveling, than ever.

I also have a list of things i want to do/start/pick up/learn/engage/enhance while in Cambodia…

One of those things is to start blogging . Another one is to paint/sketch more …

And here comes a post to kick start these two (of many others in mind) projects and a glimps into my first week in Cambodia… and it is time of #FullMoon so i guess this in fact might be a very good time to leave the old behind, and let what’s been cooking for some time to come to a completion.

Full Moon, Cambodia, hungry free spirit… it’s all on my side! High Five!!!

So here we go…

1st Stop : Queen Alia Airport, Jordan.

While waiting for my next flight, i noticed a man praying between the seats. I personally wouldn’t pray there. I’d hold it until i reach home or a private place. Maybe it’s because of my fear of being judged (judged not for praying but being judged for showing off) But then again for him it looked like he was in his private spot, as if no one was around. He didn’t seem to mind… Maybe it’s really more of a spiritual growth issue, to feel comfortable to do what you do without ‘thinking further’ . . So i felt the urge to try and sketch him and searched for a quote which reflected my toughts (usually better than i do) .

“The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.” Søren Kierkegaard

Next: Bangkok – Charging Point

Next: Kuala Lumpur

Right after i watched #Avatar on the flight, i land in KL Airport to find myself in the magical lands of #pandora. (Where wheelchairs, women with babies, girls and “lost souls with melting shadows” go this way to toilet-see last photo)

Finally: Siem Reap & Angkor Wat

In my country we believe rain brings abundance. We got plenty as soon as we arrived 🙂

Abundance in tuctuc rides…

Abundance in rice dishes …

Abundance in creative inspirations… making art and being part of art )

Next: Heading down South to Sihanoukville, Otres

It’s all shades of green

Then comes our home for the next few monts

Our Workaway Home…

Our hosts are two travellers , Canadian and Palestinian couple , ex-Dubaian … our times in Dubai were overlapping. I guess we were meant to meet , just not there but here.

this is what it feels like home – the art piece on the wall is a whirling dervish and the writing on the skirt says “Allah” in Arabic letters…

First job we got was gardening. We got our hands dirty, mixed compost and rich black soil for the plants.

I got an insect bite and it got swollen overnight. No pain, no itching… i swallowed a clove of garlic and another one cut in half and put around the eyelid(not inside) it’s getting better already.

But i take it as part of my initiation into Cambodia.


Next post will come hopefully very soon

As for now, i am very happy for this new beginning!

Looking forward to what’s next

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